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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Great things are coming in the new year!
We have had such a busy and productive year this year that even with the sluggish economy we have been busier than we had expected. We are planning some new and exciting things for the website this coming year and we know you will love all the new goodies we will have for you. We are also adding some new custom built cabinets to our Roseberry Collection line of funiture that are really awesome. All of our custom built furniture is made from 100% wood and handcrafted with care to insure that you are truly are getting an heirloom grade piece.


Andrea said...

Lovely blog.

Lynette Larson - Campbell said...

Beautiful!! I want one of each please! You did a great job!

Sharon said...

Carol - I love coming to your blog and seeing my cabinet on display, looking longingly at it because I've yet to get the "real thing" set up in my house! My mom is ill and that has taken priority time - but be assured that as soon as the cabinet is in place and filled with pretties that I'll send you a pic - I absolutely love it!