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Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Garden Needs More “Junk”!

Have you ever noticed as you ride through a neighborhood you will see two different houses, similar in size and shape, but one house really stands out and the other seems just okay? That’s probably because the house that stands out has more than just flowers and plants in the yard. Flowers and plants can be beautiful, but without amenities that’s all you get, flowers and plants. You need things other than plants and flowers to bring your garden and landscaping “alive”. Fences, walls, a meandering path that leads to a concrete bench with a mosaic top all tend to draw you into the garden and expand your taste and style from inside the house to the outside living space you create with your garden and patio.

Remember, the inside of your home as well as your outdoor living area are an extension of you. Repurposing discarded items, or “junk”, is a perfect and inexpensive way to add what the designers call “hardscaping” or “bones” to your garden or patio.

We have taken an old farm house door, added a couple of shelves made from parts of an old table and added two of the tables legs to create a “potting bench” for the garden or a “bakers rack” to display items on the porch or patio.

An old wrought iron ice cream chair that we found at a local estate sale makes a perfect flower stand. We cut the seat out of the chair and found a hanging basket to put inside the seat. A coconut liner goes in the basket with potting soil and the flowers of your choice. This little chair is a perfect “bone” for your garden because of the unique style and look that it brings.

Use an old wooden table and chairs you might find at a garage sale or flea market, mix in your vintage linens and china and create a romantic outdoor dining area.

Old chairs and benches, vanity stools, tea carts, especially the older wrought iron ones, have hundreds of new uses in the patio or garden.

Your imagination is the only limit to the “bones” you want to use to spruce up your garden or patio area and give it a personality of its own.



Anonymous said...

Hi Carol! Love your inspiration pictures and you're so right about houses in neighborhoods! Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.
be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

gail said...

Hi Carol,, I love all of these ideas. What a pretty backyard.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. (()) gail

Bella's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Carol, That patio is so beautiful! What a charmng place to spend an afternoon!

Susan said...

Good afternoon, Carol. I just love this entry. What wonderful ideas. I love "junk" in my gardens too. It's wonderful to stumble across beautiful finds that will brighten up a spot here or there. Thank you for sharing.
Have a beautiful day,

sandiart said...

Just found you via Teacupstitches and just had to write and tell you how I agree about the front garden. I am in the unfortunate position where I have to rent a house and I wish everyday that I could have my own little home, so that I can have a beautiful little garden out the front and the vegie patch and chickens out the back, bliss.
Take care

Brenda ~ The Heminger Farmhouse said...

Hi Carol :) I'm so glad you found me!! Thanks so much for your very sweet comment :) I'm so happy you love the pillows you have purchased from me, that means so much!! Thank you also for becoming my newest follower...that makes you entered in both of my giveaways, yeah!! Good luck :)

I've signed on as your newest follower too, and I am looking forward to visiting with you again soon!

Warmest hugs to you, Brenda